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"Recently, my partner Christine showed a 3 year-old girl named Bay one of my abstract woodcuts and asked, “Do you know what it is?” Without hesitation Bay answered, “Music”.

I think that will do for me. I try to work in a way similar to Jazz improvisation, letting my inspiration have free reign to use the “chops” I have developed from my long involvement with carving and painting.

Just as some music does not have words to carry its meaning, some pictures do not need subjects or overt symbolism.

I have always been a carver. I have loved being involved with form and color. I believe in individual style and invention over academic theory, trendiness, and conformity. I believe in the magic of the hand. I believe in integrity because, as a wonderful southern gentleman once said to me, “The truth will stand when the world is on fire.”

Born 1950 in Lawrence, Kansas. The artist splits his time between London and New Mexico.


Installation of Fall 2020 Show....

October 2020 Fall show.....

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