Felice Sharp

In The Studio

July, 2022

Felice Sharp’s artistic process was always centered on the human figure. Having professionally
danced for the National Ballet as a teenager, Sharp was trained to recognize and emulate the
complexities of the figure and its movement. To soothe her performance anxiety, Sharp began
figure drawing. Never would she have imagined her backstage doodles would lead to a lifelong
career in art.
“Through many layers, I allow the paint to dance as I replay choreography and postures in my
mind, until it is released in the movement of the universe.”
Felice employs a variety of methods to evoke the calm and grace of a certain gesture. Through
the creative use of plaster, pigments, and some obscure water-based paints (Sharp often enjoys
painting with coffee), she keeps her figure in beautiful and constant motion.
Pryor Fine Art is proud to represent such an accomplished member of the Atlanta art
community, as Felice Sharp.
For more information about Felice Sharp’s work, please contact Tiffany@pryorfineart.com

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