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Truth can be found all around us. The difficulty is getting past our own limitations (of perspective or perception, discernment or clouded eyes) to see that which is unfailing, unlimited, and persistent. For me, painting has become a means to see Truth revealed through the natural world, imagination, people, and Scripture. It is a journey of unfailing hope existing in the midst of darkness. My hope is that my paintings will speak to you where, when, and how you need it.


Wellon Bridgers is a self-taught artist from Birmingham, AL, receiving her BA from Auburn University in English and French and MA in English from Wake Forest University. While teaching in a service learning program over a decade ago, Wellon explored her natural artistic proclivity in experimental painting and discovered a true passion. Her artwork is abstract representational which leaves the viewer’s own personal journey to interpret the painting’s elements. She shows in galleries throughout the Southeast, has participated in juried shows, group and solo gallery shows and enjoys working alongside designers and clients for commissioned pieces.

Wellon serves as the Executive Director for Mwana Villages, a holistic orphan care ministry promoting ethical global orphan care and serving orphaned and vulnerable children and families in the Republic of Congo. Their journey through an unethical adoption process led to an eye-opening realization of the extent of exploitation for vulnerable children and families around the world. This journey led to a lifelong commitment to advocacy and truth-telling. Wellon and Stephen and have four children, older twins and younger “twiblings” adopted from Congo.

Materials and Process
I describe my work as abstract representational and reflective of my Christian faith: each stylistic element of either color choice and blending, texture, theme, or composition is intentionally selected to represent a larger message through the piece, reflection upon spiritual learning, or prayers and scenes from Scripture. Throughout the works, themes play on light in the dark, with the ever-present steadfastness of hope in the midst of darkness.

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