Sculpture is one of my many passions. As a wife, mother, art teacher and inveterate world traveler, I am grateful for how those experiences help shape my work. I love experimenting with different materials – e.g. – my early pieces evolved from bronze into thin lead forms treated with metal dyes and patinas. While I enjoyed working with metal, its lack of malleability was ultimately constricting. I found exactly what I was looking for when I switched to playing with clay. Its responsiveness makes anything seem possible and its texture gives me a greater sense of being more directly connected to the Earth. Although my sculptures spring from a contemporary reality, I’ve tried to create ancient-looking surfaces in an effort to define our timeless human connection to the Earth.


Sculpture is my passion – I must create – it is my reason for being.
My sculptures are a reflection of my process. These objects emerge
from the intuitive and soul levels in unique combinations of clay,
stone and metal. What is appreciated, as concept, is made
understandable when viewed as the sum of the series of solutions.
My personal introspection, coupled with the contours and rhythms
provided by nature, produce forms of harmony and grace. The final
brushing of the surface makes each piece come to life. The finishes
are inspired by nature as well as ancient surfaces – both of which
intrigue me. The textures act as a point of departure for each form’s
unique story. The process is the sculpture.


Sheila Ganch received her degree from Ohio State University but
considers her postgraduate training with other fine sculptors to be the
reason for her success. Ganch’s work has been included in
exhibitions at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, The Chicago Cultural
Center, The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, The Harold Washington
Library and Veridian Gallery in New York. With representation in
Atlanta, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Chicago, the sculpture of
Sheila Ganch can be found in many public and private collections
throughout the country.

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