Denaro has been committed to painting abstraction for more than two decades. The canvases are abstract in nature although there is an underlying visual order that gradually seems to emerge. The duality of transparent layers with juicy opaque strokes and loose, intuitive drips adds a freshness to the work. The artist seems to be forever altering and adjusting the framework of some invisible reality. Through the use of her sensitive drawing, combined with layering, Denaro constantly adjusts, revisits, destroys and renews…always permitting the viewer a peak at where she has been before. She works intuitively while consciously knowing that others will enter and share in this intimate relationship -- strange but familiar; imprecise yet eloquent. There lies the poetic and the magical. Madeline Denaro was born in the Bronx and currently lives and works in Fort Lauderdale. She had a solo show at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, and was awarded the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship in 2002. Exhibiting widely both nationally and internationally.


Madeline Denaro in the gallery.

Photography by: Emily Followill


Solo Exhibitions


         2018   Cheryl Hazan Gallery, New York, NY (projected October)

         2016   Cheryl Hazan Gallery, The space between yes and no, New York, NY

         2014   Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, Elsewhere, New York, NY

         2012  Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, Inner Circles Outer Worlds, New York, NY  

                        Galerie Veronica Kautsch, Michelstadt, Germany, catalogue

         2011   Pryor Fine Art, New Work,  Atlanta, Georgia

                           Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, Between, New York, NY

        2010    Cheryl Hazan Gallery, Inside Out, New York, NY, catalogue

        2008    HCG Gallery, The Day after Yesterday, Dallas, Texas

         2007    Cheryl Hazan Gallery, Never but Always, New York, NY         

                               Galerie Veronica Kautsch, Neue Bilder, Michelstadt, Germany   

2004         Schmidt Gallery Public Space, New Forms, suspended installation March-Oct, FAU Boca Raton, FL

2003        Galerie Veronica Kautsch, Malerei, Michelstadt, Germany        

2000          Galerie Veronica Kautsch, New Work, Michelstadt, Germany

                  Galerie Kappler, Bild & Object, Darmstadt, Germany

1999         Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL New Forms, catalogue


Selected Group & Invitationals



2017       So Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship Exhibit, MoCA, N.Miami, curator, Maria Elena Ortiz, assistant curator,PAMM

                Women Painting Curators Michelle Weinberg/Sarah Michelle Rupert, Miami Dade College, Miami Fl

                          Anne Loucks Gallery, Between the lines, Denaro/Ingram, Chicago 2 person invitational

          2016  Anne Loucks Gallery, In the abstract, Chicago

          2015  Cornell Museum of Art,Exxpectations, Delray Beach, Florida, Invitational

                          Addison Gallery, Delray Beach, Florida  Autumn Abstraction

          2014 Anne Loucks Gallery, Chicago 2person invitational

                            Trudy Labell Fine Art, Naples, Florida, Less , 3person exhibit,

          2013 Cheryl Hazan Contemporary, Rouge, NYC

                            Addison Fine Art, Wrap it up, 4 person show, Delray Beach, Florida

                            Soprafina Gallery, Haley, Denaro, Sanders, Boston

                            Addison Fine Art, Driven to Abstraction, 3person show Delray Beach, Florida

          2011 Trudy Labell Fine Art, gallery artists,  Naples, Florida

                            Addison Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida

                            Atlantic, Nantucket, MA

                            Art and Culture Center, Hollywood FL, SF Culturall Consortium exhibit, Jane Hart, curator

         2010  David Castillo Gallery, DCG Open, Miami, Florida, Invitational

                           Trudy Labell Fine Art, Less, Naples, Florida

                            Cheryl Hazan Gallery, Gallery Artists, New York, New York

          2009  HCG Gallery Summer Selections, Dallas, Texas

                  Naples Museum of Art, Florida Contemporary: Paintings and Photographs, Naples,FL, Michael Culver,curator  

                  Cheryl Hazan Gallery New Artists, New Art, New York, NY

                                    HCG Gallery New Year, New Art, Dallas, Texas

          2008-9 Girls’ Club Collection, Under the Influence, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Invitational   

                             Trudy Labell Fine Art, Less, Naples, Florida

          2006-7 Cheryl Hazan Gallery, Red Show, New York, NY, Invitational

                            Galerie Veronica Kautsch, Gallery Artists, Michelstadt, Germany

        2006   Cheryl Hazan Gallery, Petal Fusion, New York, NY, Invitational

                             Gallery Camino Real, Gallery Artists, Boca Raton, FL

2005         Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art, Parallel 33, Invitational, George Kinghorn, curator

                             Galerie Veronica Kautsch, Michelstadt, Germany, Musique Nacht

         2005-3   Rocket Projects, Miami, Fl, drawing room

        2004      FAU, Boca Raton FL, Select, three artist exhibit, Rod Faulds, curator

                              Gallery One, Premiere Exhibition, Fort Lauderdale, FL Nina Arias, curator

2002          Key West Museum of Art, South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship Exhibition, Key West, FL

                   traveling to Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL, catalogue

                   Snitzer Gallery, The No Show, Miami, FL




       2005   Museum of Art, Video Projection, 2/05, Limited Edition Portfolio, Fort Lauderdale Fl,

       2002   Ambrosino Gallery, Miami Moving, Video Projection, 12/02, North Miami, FL

              Art Basel, Miami Loves Design, Video Projection, 12/02 George Sanchez project, M


Critical Reviews, Lectures



        2008  Lauren Bender, art consultant and curator, New York, New York, interview nov ‘08

       2003   Dr. Ingrid Pfeiffer, chief curator, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, Germany lecture Sept.6

       2000   Kemel Bolge, “The Harmony of Chaos”, Darmstadter Echo, Germany, Aug.30

              Roland Held, ”Echo of Josef Beuys”, OdenwaldKreis, Germany, May 11

              Teuilleton, “Malmittel Bienenwachs”,  Darmstadter Echo, Germany Sept. 20

              Roland Held, art critic and historian, Lecture May 7, New Work, Germany

            Thomas Burkle, art critic, filmaker, Lecture, Aug. 25, Bild & Object, Germany

       1999   Debra Deitch, “Hatching New Forms”, Sun Sentinel, Jan 5

              Michael Mills, “Minding Her Own Beeswax”, New Times Broward, Palm Beach, Jan 21

              Barbara MacAdam, editor, ArtNews, New Forms, catalogue essay


Fellowships And Grants

          2016 South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship for Visual and Media Artists

          2011 South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship for Visual and Media Artists

        2012  State of Florida, Individual Artist Fellowship award

          2011 South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship for Visual and Media Artists

         2006  State of Florida Artist Enhancement Grant

         2002 South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship for Visual and Media Artists


Selected Collections

            Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

          Art & Culture Center, Hollywood, Florida

               Girls’ Club Collection,  Fort Lauderdale, Florida

          Alamo Rent-A-Car, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

          Computer Solutions, Miami, Florida

               Jacobs Asset Management, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Public Art Experience

         2008 ShuttleBusArtWrap (shortlist) Fort Lauderdale International Airport Public Art and Design

        2005-01 Public Art and Design Pre-qualified artist

         2005-02 Selection Committee, Public Art & Design, Broward Cultural Affairs Council

        2004  ShuttleBusArtWrap project alternate, Fort Lauderdale International Airport Public Art and Design

        1996   Public Art & Design Workshop, Fort Lauderdale, FL

        1995   Design Broward, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

1994        Public Art: Transportation Authority, Artist /Architect Collaboration; Vaugh & Wunch  Architects


Honors As Invited Juror

        2017    Broward Art Guild, Abstractions, Fort Lauderdale, FL

         2012   Broward Art Guild, Still life and Landscape Exhibit, Fort Lauderdale, FL

            2011 Boca Raton High School Student Exhibition, Boca Raton, FL

                                  Boca Museum Artists Guild Exhibit, Boca Raton, FL

           2008-6 Boca Museum Artists Guild Membership Juror , Gallery One juror,

          2005  ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale, Broward Art Guild 55th Anniversary Exhibit

        2004   Coral Springs Museum of Art, Boca Raton Museum Professional Artist Exhibit

        2002   Boca Museum Artists Guild Exhibit,  Boca Raton, FL

         2001   Florida State Education Department, Mediums Exhibit,  Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL

                           Dillard School for the Arts Annual Exhibit, Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale

                 Deerfield Beach Festival of the Arts, Deerfield Beach, Florida

2000        Splendor of Bonnet House, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

        1999    Deerfield Beach Festival of the Arts, Deerfield Beach, Florida

        1997    Art In the Park, Plantation, Florida


Professional Affiliations

        2018   since 2002 Funding Arts Broward, Fort Lauderdale, FL, founding member

         2017   since 1994 Third Avenue Art District, Fort Lauderdale, FL, founding member

                since 2002 Funding Arts Broward, Fort Lauderdale, FL, founding member

2000         since 1988 - 2&3 The Artists Organization,

                 2&3 The Artists Organization,  Board member (1989-1993)

                 Chairman of Exhibitions and Special Projects  (1989-1993)

        1999     since 1995, National Association of Women Artists

        1995     founding member 1989 Artists and Company, Open Studio events

         1994   since 1989, Drawing Society, New York



         1981-86  South Florida Art Institute, Hollywood, Florida

         1990-92  Independent study, London, England

         1995     Independent study, Frankfurt, Germany

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