My art ranges from large-scale abstract expressionist works to smaller impressionistic pieces. I utilize a variety of mediums and experiment with a hodgepodge of tools, from mammoth paintbrushes to afro picks to honeydrippers. Though I'm inspired by many painters, both bygone and contemporary, my late artist mother is my ever-present muse.

With abstracts, I prefer to play fast and loose with my work, especially at the outset, relying on chance more than forethought. When magic happens, it's usually a surprise, seldom intentional. Because the media I use is capricious, more often than not my paintings don't work the first few times and I have to wipe them out, resulting in several scrapped attempts underneath. Fortunately, these buried compositions tend to add under-effects of color and texture that enhance what ultimately evolves into the final piece.

My studio is akin to a Jackson Pollock crime scene, with floor, walls (even the ceiling!) splattered with multicolored paint spills, splashes and dribbles. Music and rhythm figure into my work, so a constant stream is always playing, ranging from classical to blues to disco—with a lot of Guns N’ Roses in between. My two dogs, Olive and Izzy, enter at their leisure, and often plod out more “colorful” than they arrived.

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