Lisa Noonis

In The Studio

August 2022

Lisa Noonis is an accomplished mixed media artist out of Hampton, New Hampshire with a
unique speciality in abstract still life and figure painting. Although she studied the work of Paul
Cézanne and Giorgio Mirandi, Noonis found her greatest muse closer to home. She often cites
her mother’s table settings and arrangements as her earliest inspiration. To this day, her work
celebrates the vitality and beauty that can be found in inanimate object while also keeps her
warmly grounded to fond memories of her childhood home.
As her career developed, Noonis began to experiment with mixing her still life work with figure
and gesture painting. While she is no stranger to portraits, Noonis loves to turn her figures
around and away from the viewer to evoke a sense of mystery. The blend and communication of
the objects in her painting (both animate and inanimate) all seen through a distinct abstract
quality have become iconic standards in Lisa Noonis’ artistic narratives.
Pryor Fine Art is proud to represent Lisa Noonis and her work to the vibrant Atlanta art
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