John Folsom

Pushing The Limits

June 2022

John Folsom is a celebrated photographer and mixed media artist among the vibrant Atlanta art
community. Folsom’s work is widely renowned for challenging creative boundaries of landscape
photography through mixed media art and painting. Born and raised in Paducah, Kentucky,
Folsom grew up in a family of creatives. While he spent most of his early days focused on
music, he remembers a landscape painting in his parent’s house of the Hudson River Valley that
had a particularly profound effect on him.
While pursuing a degree in Cinema and Photography at Southern Illinois University, Folsom fell
in love with the dark room where explored various photography and development techniques
and was inspired to find ways to push the medium he loved further.
Remembering that painting in his childhood home, Folsom began experimenting with working
his photos into the rich historical context of landscape painting. Being based in Atlanta, Georgia,
his proximity to the live oak and spanish moss covered coastal landscapes of the southeast took

him on many photo trips to Savannah, Port Royal, Palmetto Bluff, Cumberland Island, and the
bayous of Louisiana. Folsom strives for his mixed media art to not only celebrate the natural
beauty of these areas threatened by climate change, but also to provoke a sense of familiarity
and nostalgia.
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