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My journey as an artist has always been about healing and spiritual development.  The use of a symbolic horse to tell my life’s journey has great reference to native American culture and spirit animals.  In my case, “horse” chose me and gave me the strength, and power for my creative journey.

Kathy Taylor was born and raised in southern California during the tumultuous “60’s”. She credits the exposure to the endless change and bohemian lifestyle of that time as the greatest influence in her journey as an artist. Taylor currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona but still considers the beaches of southern California her “home”.
As an intuitive artist, Kathy’s work is created through gut instinct rather than an intellectual process. The imagery she uses, most often a horse, is a tool for exploration of deeper issues and unwritten stories.
Taylor also teaches a mentoring course in “Creative Development” at her personal studio which she began over 15 years ago. Although Kathy has a busy creative schedule she continues to teach and mentor budding artists with full classes.
Kathy Taylor’s work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, and Europe.  Her work is collected both nationally and internationally.

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