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Still life has always been about bringing bits of Nature indoors, where we can see its beauty in greater detail at our leisure. Artful composition and eye-popping technique have also been features of the genre throughout its long history. But our relationship to Nature is constantly changing, so my paintings present a contemporary take on still life. In this world, life isn't still, flowers have agency, and Nature is shown as an irresistible force that drives the action as she will.

It’s clear, I think, that I don’t paint from life. I also don’t make preliminary sketches, but begin each piece by painting directly on the canvas, inventing as I go. When I first moved to the country, I remember being blown away by the variety of details I saw everywhere - from the weeds along the road to dogwood blossoms, every plant was unique and pulsing with its own version of life. That’s the kind of energy I want my paintings to radiate.


My work is deeply connected to rural upstate New York, where I live and work. Here I can observe local incremental shifts in the lives of plants and animals as they happen. I'm also here to watch slower, larger, forces at work, as seasons change, as flowers bud, bloom, and go to seed. With Nature as a daily inspiration, I’ve worked in collage, sculpture, and drawing, in addition to my main focus, painting. In the course of my practice I’ve received a NYFA Painting Fellowship (2015), several residencies at Women’s Studio Workshop (the most recently in 2010), and a Pollock-Krasner grant in 1991. My work is represented by Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, Bernay Fine Art in Great Barrington, MA, and Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson, NY.

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