Born in 1961, Isabelle Menin lives and works in Brussels. After graduating from the Graphic Research School (ERG) in Brussels, she has explored painting for 10 years while working in graphic design and illustration. Nature has always been a recurring theme for the artist, particularly flora. After exhibiting several times in Belgium, Isabelle Menin decided to abandon painting to turn to digital photography. Taking pictures, scanning pieces of nature, the artist constantly plays with textures and colours, transforming them, mixing them, in order to give shape to a fictional nature, dense and flamboyant at the same time. Isabelle Menin has held exhibitions several times in Belgium, as well as in China at Hongqiao Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, and at the Setup Contemporary Art Fair, Bologna.


Garden on Orchard - Muriel Guépin Gallery - New York
Seattle Art Fair 2017 -  Muriel Guépin Gallery 
Gothic Show - Lehman College Art Gallery - New York


Karen Margolis and Isabelle Menin - Muriel Guépin Gallery - New York
Round it up! Muriel Guépin Gallery New York
Art Market San Francisco - San Francisco
Total Flora - Galerie hristine Knauber - Berlin


Belgium Modern Art Exhibition, Hongqiao Museum, Shanghai, China
OFF Art Fair - Brussels
Kunstraï - Amsterdam
MIA Fair - Milan - Italy
Setup Contemporary Art Fair, Bologna - Italy
Fotofever - Carrousel du Louvre - Paris - France 
The Perception of Beauty - Group show - Sophie Marée Gallery (La Haye)
Femmes de Belgique - Group Show - Sophie Marée Gallery (La Haye)
«  FLORA » , Musée des Beaux-Arts, Mons, Belgium
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