"At Dusk"

This body of work was inspired by my neighborhood walks at dusk. As the light of the day weakens and begins to soften, so do the colors in the world around me. Wandering about with no agenda,  I stop to take in a neighbor's garden or just stand awed under a colossal oak tree. At this time of day everything takes on a certain elegance, the colors become muted, softer and the world feels gentler.  It is this feeling that led me to develop this group of paintings


Carlos in his Santa Fe studio.

Carlos in his Santa Fe studio.



I am a Cuban born painter that was raised in Miami. My work is a visual blog of the world around me. I am an outdoors person, my work undoubtedly begins in nature. I am not interested in replicating nature, but rather recording my connection to it. I am drawn to its expanse, color and all encompassing aspect that makes us feel small. I am looking to explore nature in its totality, not merely the visual aspect, but what it says to me.

Color is integral part of my work . Unlike many other painters I come from a fashion

background, I designed for my own label Liancarlo for years. That experience coupled with having been raised in the tropics have shaped my perception and use of color.

My work plays the edge between abstraction and representational. Ink sketches within the work depicting leaves, petals, stones loosely reference nature, while the underlying structure and palette remain rooted in abstraction. This contrast between the recognizable and the obscure allows for the viewer to connect with the work on various levels.

I presently live and work in Santa Fe, out of an airy light-filled studio that looks out to the mountains.

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