Anne Bedrick - Artists - Pryor Fine Art



I strive to create art that connects us. My complex canvases draw you in and demand
your attention. As you listen with your eyes and explore the rich and varied surfaces, the paintings invite
you to feel the depth of your own experiences. My paintings are at once a respite from your life and a
challenge to it, asking you to be fully awake and aware, to see what is in front of you and to engage with
it. I ask no less of myself as I create them.
Each day of painting is a journey of discovery. At times I am fearless, risking losing the beautiful marks
and color passages that occurred early on, going past the safe solution I know how to do, to allow the
painting to take on the richness of a more surprising conclusion. Each layer and mark reflect the
emotions of the moment in which they were created. As the layers build, the lower, hidden ones, inform
the visible, in the same way that childhood shapes the adults we become.

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