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Charlotte Terrell
My paintings are spiritual, meditative expressions of my gratitude for transcendent beauty. They are intended to bring you into the present moment, allowing you to pause and experience a peace and contentment in the midst of a chaotic world. The ephemeral, idealized landscapes are fictional places that are universally familiar to all of us -- a part of our own personal journeys. There is delicateness in my work that hints at the possibility of decay, reminding us that we are the custodians of a fragile Earth. The open, expansive skies suggest grace and sacredness. I love working with the tactile nature of the plaster, the tangible act of polishing the surface, revealing layers, pooling juicy paint, and pouring glossy translucent glazes over the surface. In this playful and spontaneous process, I hope to conjure a moment in time that nurtures the soul. Read more

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